DINGHY STRAPSTM is the easy way to tie down your boat on the roof top. Click the movie below to find out just how easy!



Adjusting strap length:

You will usually only need to adjust the length of the straps once. This is made by moving the stainless steel adjuster plate to the desired location and then tighten up so that the buckle sits tight against the adjuster plate.

Resetting your straps:

If, for some reason, your straps get messed up, you need to reset them back to normal. This might seem a bit tricky at first but is easy once you know how to do.

The most common problem that we see is that the buckle and the adjuster gets separated. This can happen after trying to adjust the strap length. Hold on to the adjustor plate and pull as shown to solve the problem. It is important that the buckle sits tight against the adjustor plate.

Building your straps from scratch:

To better understand how Dinghystraps work and how they are adjusted we want to show you how Dinghystraps are assembled. You can always use this sequence if you ever need to re-assemble your straps. It is important that you thread the adjuster plate correctly. Study pic.4 extra carefully.


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