The idea behind DINGHY STRAPSTM was born in 2010 when our kids started to sail optimists and we suddenly found ourselves loading and unloading our car with first one, then two dingies several times a week. The straps that we used were the standard cam buckle type where you have to throw both ends over the car. The buckle end had to be thrown over very carefully not to hit and damage the car and the loose end was very difficult to get over at all, especially with two boats on the roof. We also tried straps with the ratchet type tensioner but found them even more difficult to use without damaging the car. So, we started to experiment with different types of padding. We also wanted a more simple strap that would only require one end to be thrown over the car. In 2011 we tested the first prototype and during 2011 and 2012 we have tested and developed the product further, together with optimist sailors and their parents in Sweden, Italy and Estonia.



  1. DINGHY STRAPSTM make it possible to tie down a boat in less than a minute!
  2. There is no longer the risk for car scratches and dents since all metal parts are padded with thick, high quality NEOPRENE.
  3. DINGHY STRAPSTM unique ONEWAY design prevents over-tightening that could potentially damage your boat.
  4. STASH AWAY all loose ends by simply hiding the strap end inside the neoprene buckle protector.



UV-stable polyester webbing and sewing.

Selected alloy buckles.

Marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel adjusters.

Glued and blind-sticked neoprene protectors.




DINGHY STRAPSTM represents a very user friendly and fast way to strap a dinghy on top of a car. You simply loop the free strap end onto the rack bar end and throw the cushioned buckle over the car. Finally hook the loop around the opposite roof rack bar end and tighten up. Voila!

The thick soft NEOPRENE buckle padding allows you to simply throw the buckle over to the other side without damaging the car - or the boat. No scratches or dents from exposed metal parts!


The length of the straps are individually set once to match your boat´s circumference fore and aft. As each strap is marked FRONT / BACK you will always know which strap goes where - no re-adjusting required. Just hook it on and tighten up!


If your roof rack bars are short, or if you prefer strapping around the car´s rails, you simply loop the straps around the rail instead.


When looping around the roof rack bar ends it is recommended to do a lasso-loop as shown below. This way the strap will sit tighter and the seams will not be loaded.


Finally STASH AWAY the strap ends. Simply fold up the loose end and hide it inside the buckle protector. Our tests have shown that the turbulence around the car will


If you carry a trolley on top of the boat, use an extra stap in front and TROLLEY SHOCK CORD STRAPS around each wheel. Just throw the shock cord loop around each wheel and then hook it around the bar end. Safe and simple.



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